Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel
Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel
Camera HDMI + USB2.0/ 2,0 MPixel
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Camera HDMI + USB2.0, 2 MPixel





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MultiCam HDMI CMOS Camera
All in 1( HDMI+USB+SD card) C-mount camera with high sensitivity CMOS sensor;
Simultaneous HDMI & USB output;
Built-in mouse control;
Built-in image capture & video record to SD card;
Built-in camera control panel for mouse control;
Built-in toolbar including zoom, mirror, comparison, freeze, cross, browser functions;
Built-in image & video browsing, display & play;
Ultra-Fine color engine with perfect color reproduction capability(USB);
With advanced video & image processing application ToupView, ;
Support standard UVC for Windows/Linux/Mac(USB);
CNC shell molding design;

MultiCam camera is a multiple interfaces (HDMI+USB2.0+SD card) CMOS camera and it adopts ultra-high performance CMOS sensor as the image-picking device. USB2.0 is used as the data transfer interface

For HDMI output, a camera control panel and toolbar are overlayed on the HDMI screen, in this case, the USB mouse can be used to set the camera,browse and compare the captured image, play the video etal

For USB2.0 output, unplug the mouse and plug in the USB2.0 cable, then the video stream can be transfer to computer with the advanced software BMS_pix3. With BMS_pix3, you can control the camera, process the image as BMS's other camera series.

MultiCam camera can be used for microscope, industrial stereo microscope, on-line inspection et al.

Order Code Sensor & Size(mm) Pixel(?m) G Sensitivity
Dark Signal
FPS/Resolution Binning Exposure


Sony IMX385(C)
3.75x3.75 1175mv with 1/30s
0.15mv with 1/30s


0.4 ms~1000 ms

Interface & Button Functions


USB camera or USB mouse


HDMI Output

DC 12 V

12 V Power in


SD card Slot. SD-card format FAT32, Max SD-card size 32 Gb


Power On/Off Switch

LED Power On Indicator
Other Specification for HDMI Output
UI Operation With USB Mouse
Image Capture High Speed in SD Card
Video Record 1080P 30fps in SD Card
Camera Control Panel Including Exposure, Gain, White Balance, Color
Adjustment, Sharpness and Denoising Control
Toolbar Including Zoom, Mirror, Comparison, Freeze,
Cross, Browser Function
Other Specification for USB Output
White Balance Auto White Balance

Color Technique

Ultra-Fine Color Engine (USB)

Control API

Standard UVC for Windows/Linux/Mac(USB)

Recording System

Still Picture or Movie (USB)

Software Environment (for USB2.0 Connection)

Operating System

Support Windows 8/10 &11 (32 & 64 bit), OSx (Mac OS X) & Linux


PC Requirements

CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8 GHz or Higher

Memory: 4 GB or More

USB Port: USB2.0 High-speed Port

Display: 19" or Larger


Operating Environment

Operating Temperature(in Centidegree)

-10 ~ 50 °C

Storage Temperature(in Centidegree)

-20 ~ 60 °C

Operating Humidity

30 ~ 80% RH

Storage Humidity

10~60% RH

Power Supply

DC 12 V/1 A Adaptor

Overall Dimensions

Width x depth x height

78 mm (3.07") x 70 mm (2.76") x 92 mm (3.62")

Shipping Weight

0.47 kg (1.0 lbs)



Wat zit er in de doos?
camera zoals hierboven vermeld
Power supply 12V/1A
USB A-USB B cable, 2m
HDMi-HDMI cable
USB mouse with cable
SD card 32Gb
0,5x compensation optics
23,2mm to 30,0mm adaptor
23,2mm to 30,5mm adaptor
Calibration Slide

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